about the artist


i primarily sell prints of characters in bunny outfits but occassionally i'll have original works, accessories and art books/zines.

at-con sales policy

⁘ i don't proxy sell, i always show up at the convention i'm selling at. if my art is at a table not labeled "nolnir," it is not me.
⁘ cash and card are accepted for at-con purchases. cash app, venmo and zelle are not accepted.
⁘ exchanges are accepted, returns are not accepted. when exchanging prints, please return the print in the condition you've recieved it.
⁘ i do not take at-con commissions
⁘ item reservations are not accepted.

⁘ the week after a convention, leftover stardust opens with restocks of sold out prints and remaining stock of other items.

convention catalog 2022

this general catalog shows all the products i will sell at conventions for the year.
it gets updated before every convention. please check my convention attendance list below.

anime usa will be the last convention i will attend for the foreseeable future. leftover stardust will open october 21st and stay open until december 15th with print sales only. non print items will be listed on a permanent shop that will list my original products only sometime in early 2023. thank you for all the support I've gotten over the years at artist alleys!

conventionstatuslocationbooth number
puchicon teaneckcompletedartist alley-
anime usaconfirmedartist alley-
anime nycdeclined--


sizebuy 1buy 2buy 3
small (5 x 7in)$5$8$12
medium (8.5 x 11in)$10$15$25
large (11 x 17in)$15$25$35
x-large (18 x 24in)$30$50$80

notice! - august 4th
due to the printing company being unable to print the x-large sized prints, i will not have x-large sized prints at puchicon. x-large prints will be available for purchase on leftover stardust the following friday after puchicon.
notice! - august 3rd
several prints do not have medium sized prints as they are currently being phased out. all prints have a small and large size variant.
only select prints have an extra large variant.
if a print sells out during a con, it will be available for purchase on leftover stardust the week following the convention.

available prints

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books with a "★" before their title are sold as a bundle with extras. bundles are limited stock. only select extras will be sold without the book.

★ book of ghost

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price: bundle - $15 ; book only - $10
page count: 24p
size: 5.5x8.5in
extras: comes with x1 holographic mini print and x1 glow in the dark enamel pin.
description: mini character book based on ghost sisters xavis and xteviea. i made this for halloween without much thought other than that I wanted to put something out for halloween this year, lol. there's some comics and other fun stuff in the book! :D

sample video


bats and ghosts! journal

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price: $10 each
size: a5 size (~8.3 x 5.8in)
- printed soft matte cover
- black leather back cover
- 96 blank offset sheets
the journal sheets are inserts and can be replaced.
** this product is out of print and will not be reprinted once sold out.